Collapser Zulu [274 / 850]

Flaka West [17125]

† Dogma † [16578]

Joshua beyma [15165]

†€GÅRØÑ ¥µÑÐ [15113]

Phantoms [15055]

Flaka West [2]

† Dogma † [2]

Joshua beyma [2]

†€GÅRØÑ ¥µÑÐ [2]

Phantoms [2]

Contribute to the server by buying orbs!

Purchasable Items with Collapser Orbs


1. The money you are contributing is yours or you have permission to send it.
2. Contribution currency (Collapser Orbs) do not have any form of insurance.
3. All contributions are final once redeemed (No refunds past that point).
4. Invalid payments and chargebacks will result in immediate account termination.
5. Contributing will not prevent you from being banished for breaking the rules.
6. Once you make a contribution by buying Collapser Orbs, you will receive an e-mail sometime after with a link to redeem your orbs.

If you do not abide by the above restrictions, your contribution may be delayed or even rejected.


Question: What do my contributions go towards?
Answer: Yours and everybody else's contributions are used to keep the server running. Whether it be paying for the dedicated server that hosts a lot of our services, or paying fees to Google for hosting our e-mail. Contributions also goes towards hiring developers to improve the server and add more content. Additionally, contributions help pay for System Administration and ongoing customer support.
Question: I just bought some Collapser Orbs, how do I get them in-game?
Answer: After you complete the checkout process, you will receive an e-mail from admin@collapser.net. Once the e-mail arrives, read the brief instructions that the e-mail gives about how to redeem your Collapser orbs.


How do I Donate to Collapser Server?